Wendy Alexander Phones a Friend… or doesn’t

Take your pick…

(a) Wendy Alexander did call Gordon Brown to go over the strategy of trying to force the SNP’s hand over a non-binding referendum on Scotland over Independence some time ago (some time ago being before the fun of Council Elections last week) and Alexander’s stormed ahead with it. Which leaves Brown either to stand by a vote he’s more than likely to loose, or sacrifice Alexander to try and stay in the good books of Middle England.

(b) Wendy Alexander made it all up herself, thinks it was such a wonderful idea, and charges right ahead with the announcement, making it bolder and more confident as the week progresses (till about Tuesday). Brown can either stand by her and take the heat from the rest of the Union, or let everyone know she’s making it up and it;s nothing to do with him

(c) Wendy told Gordon, he forgot, now he doesn’t know what to do…

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One Comment on “Wendy Alexander Phones a Friend… or doesn’t”

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