Steady As She Goes, Still Aiming for 2010 Referendum Bill

There must have been a great temptation for Alex Salmond to take up Labour’s offer to hold the Scottish Referendum now. Sure it would be a gamble, but to have the help of Labour to get the bill through Holyrood would have made the progress easier.

No shortcuts though appear to be the decision, though, which is it be expected from Salmond. To gain the bill, and the vote from the people of Scotland through debate, rather than have help from others seems tobe the goal. And of course there’s not a huge way to argue against “We’ll stick to the manifesto,” just be prepared for the SNP to never let anyone forget that Wendy Alexander and Labour have promised to support the bill’s passage…

“we are now in a position where, as a group, we will not vote down any Referendum Bill that comes into the Parliament.”
Duncan McNeil MSP.

Still, if the bill doesn’t get through in 2010…

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One Comment on “Steady As She Goes, Still Aiming for 2010 Referendum Bill”

  1. Daibhi Anseo Says:

    “We live in interesting times..” doesn`t really cover it does it!

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