Ken Livingstone for Labour Party Leader?

Not a rallying cry, but a genuine question. If you’re of the belief that Labour will not win the next election, it’s a simple scenario to see Gordon Brown leave the leadership for someone to take his place. Who could that be? After today’s column in The Guardian, Iain Dale suggests Livingstone.

And after a moment to catch your breath, it makes sense. The Labour vote in London held up. Livingstone is a ‘personality’ that the party (perhaps as opposed to the Parliamentary Party) trust and look up to – heck he walked away from New Labour because he believed in the London Mayoralty so much – and is relatively untarnished from the New Labour fallout. He’d bang head together, and be a genuine leader, and one who is experienced in rising from the bitterness of defeat.

The big question is, which seat would (a) be considered safe at the next election for a Labour candidate, and (b) who would be bumped out of that seat to allow Livingstone in?

You have to assume it’s going to be a London constituency, but with his old seat of Brent East being phased out, he’d have to ask either Glenda Jackson or Dawn Butler to stand aside in the adjoining seats to get his old stomping ground. Much as I would relish Livingstone take down Sarah Teather, I don’t think that’s going to happen. If you want to be super cheeky, why not kick out the MP in South Shields, Tyne and Wear? That MP of course is David Milliband, more than likely the one to emerge from the young ones currently in office.

Milliband v Livingstone? Anyone care to place a bet on that one?

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2 Comments on “Ken Livingstone for Labour Party Leader?”

  1. Paul Pinfield Says:

    Perhaps Ken should go for Boris’s old stomping ground…

  2. Ewan Spence Says:

    Nice thought, Paul, but Henley’s probably the safest Tory seat in the entire world.

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