Blair Advising Brown? That’ll Explain Everything

Imagine you’ve got the hottest girl (or boy) in the world. You’ve been lusting after her for years, and you’re so absolutely smitten with here that it’s all you’ve been able to focus on for years. Now she dumped her previous boyfriend and is with you. And you’ve forgotten what you wanted her for in the first place.

So it starts going wrong, you keep trying, yet she’s pushing back. After the first flush of newness, she’s turning her back on you. And the upset ex-boyfriend who never wanted to leave her… is giving you play by play advice on how you can get her back.


Maybe that would explain…

For Blairism to be a success, it needs to be measured next to something, and the Major years are too far back for the historians to make a good comparison. For Blair to have a good place in history, that glosses over Iraq and Cash for Questions, Gordon must fail, and fail badly. Why else would he be Machiavellian behind the scenes, and bring Cherie’s book printing date forward so it can still influence the story?

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