A Day of English-ness For the United Kingdom

“Let’s have a day of Britishness,” thinks the Government, “that’ll be a wizard idea and show we really are behind the Union (ignoring the discrete cough over the Wendyrendum fallout). But we can’t afford to loose any working days, so we’ll just have to put a name on an existing holiday and hope nobody notices.”

Not that the proposal would actually come to anything, but if it takes up a few minutes on the news and deflects attention from the mess of the 42 internment proposals then so much the better.

The Civil Service are sure to have looked over this, they’re sure to have spotted it’s an almost zero-cost (to the economy) policy to give a day a name – something the US Congress does regularly (cf @TV Nation Day” is August 16 1994 – House Resolution 365). I just wonder why there wasn’t a Sir Humphrey pointing out that the August Bank Holiday picked by Liam Byrne is on the 25th August in England and 4th August in Scotland.

The Civil Service wouldn’t let that one slip past them, would they? Is there someone being pulled through the coals as much as Byrne is this afternoon? Or are there quite smiles over a quiet cup of tea?

Curiouser and curioser

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