If a Liberal Falls in Midlothian, Does Anyone Hear Them?

Over on his blog, J. Arthur MacNumpty rather succinctly puts the case for asking what is up with the Liberal Democrat Councillors when one will happily jump ship and defect to Labour, giving them control of Midlothian Council in the process? Of course were that to happen next door in Edinburgh, the rather fragile Lib/SNP coalition would find itself as a minority council.

But hold on, can we take this as a sign that the Liberal cause, at least in the central belt of Scotland? And what would that mean in the upcoming General Election if the Lib-Dems can’t get their supports out and energised because of the mess they’ve made in their traditional powerhouse of local government? The number of marginal seats in Scotland with the Lib-Dems in strong second places, where they are likely to challenge a sitting Labour MP is a fair few. If there is any weakness in the party machine, especially when being compared to Labour, then both the SNP and the Scottish Conservatives are going to be ready to strike, decimating the seat counts for the former parties.

Of course there’s no telling what damage to the perception of the Lib-Dems has happened thanks to their power sharing in the Scottish Parliament with Labour. Will there be a knock-on effect in an election to Westminster?

It’s a tough time to be a Lib Dem just now, no matter where you are in the country.

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