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Where is Gordon Brown’s Website?

May 12, 2008

So with all the upheaval going on, the laying out of a new vision (and this would be which version of the vision?) I thought I’d have a look at Gordon Brown’s website to find out what he actually thought. Except, ehrm, I’m struggling to find one.

The obvious address of opens up with “this is an unofficial site run independently and has no connections with any political party.” Going dot com doesn’t help either, as leads to a re-direct towards a Blogger based site posting up the occasional barbed attack on the man. The final format used by many MP’s is to suffix the name. Okay then… is a good start, as it’s not attacking him, but it’s also popping up a 403 error – I’m not allowed to access the content.

I’m assuming that something was resident at as the Wikipedia article for his Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath constituency points to it as his constituency website.

Final role of the dice – a general Google search on his name. Which points me to the Number Ten Downing Street, a wikipedia biography, and three estate agents trading under the name Gordon Brown. And of course the blogosphere discovered the delights of earlier this spring.

If Brown wants to have a national conversation, if he wants to listen to the country, then he could at least make it a little bit easier. Thankfully I am no longer his constituent, but I must ask my Mum and Dad (who still live in Cowdenbeath) how well advertised his surgeries are…

For fairness, I hit other party leaders to see where their first offical page was:
First Google result for David Cameron (Official Site)
First Google result for Nick Clegg (Official Site)
Third result for Alex Salmond (Offical, but 502 error report)
First result for Wendy Alexander (Offical site)

Poor show for the SNP leader there – I wonder if Wendy Alexander can use this web fangled nonsense as a new line of attack on the SNP leader… which will naturally embarrass her London chiefs in the process?


Blair Advising Brown? That’ll Explain Everything

May 10, 2008

Imagine you’ve got the hottest girl (or boy) in the world. You’ve been lusting after her for years, and you’re so absolutely smitten with here that it’s all you’ve been able to focus on for years. Now she dumped her previous boyfriend and is with you. And you’ve forgotten what you wanted her for in the first place.

So it starts going wrong, you keep trying, yet she’s pushing back. After the first flush of newness, she’s turning her back on you. And the upset ex-boyfriend who never wanted to leave her… is giving you play by play advice on how you can get her back.


Maybe that would explain…

For Blairism to be a success, it needs to be measured next to something, and the Major years are too far back for the historians to make a good comparison. For Blair to have a good place in history, that glosses over Iraq and Cash for Questions, Gordon must fail, and fail badly. Why else would he be Machiavellian behind the scenes, and bring Cherie’s book printing date forward so it can still influence the story?

Brown Dithers While The Union Burns

May 8, 2008

Turns out that Gordon Brown has ‘dithered’ for over a year on Wendy Alexander’s great big plan to take the battle to the SNP on their own ground. Which is foolhardy at best, but really does sum up the idea of Alexander doing her best to punch above her weight (or her height). She’s decided the best think, and she’s steamed ahead, knowing she is right.

Fast forward to last Friday, the day after the drubbing of Labour in the local elections in England and Wales. Choosing a moment of maximum weakness for her erstwhile mentor she let those close to Brown south of the border know that she was thinking of pronouncing in favour of an early referendum.

A message was sent back: “She was told that the Prime Minister did not think it was an appropriate course of action.” Number 10 then went back to worrying about Labour’s annihilation and the threat to the PM’s position, not for a moment thinking Wendy would do anything.

In Scotland, Alexander stewed a bit: she had been messed around for a year, Brown was in too weak a position to argue so she decided to try and bounce him into it.

She would go ahead without letting him know and then he would have no choice but to back her. She was stitching up her supposed friend because she thought she could get away with it in the circumstances.
Three Line Whip, The Telegraph

Sounds like a broken record from Brown though… If he can’t listen to his own party, how can he listen to the electorate, as he so grandly promised?