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Meanwhile, Over In America…

September 22, 2008

Anyone with any political blood runnign through them can’t help having at least half an eye on the US Presidential election, and it’s with that thought that I want to point out Danny O’Brien’s Electoral Guide for the Brits.

First, despite all the freaking out and revelling in the last week or two, Obama is still seen as the favourite. But like 2000, it’s all very close. Second, the battleground states this year aren’t Florida and Ohio — at the moment it’s more complex than that, partly because Obama’s team want it to be more complex than that.

O’Brien himself is from the UK, but has been safely wrapped up in California for many a year now, but he’s still got the delightfully light touch he had at the UK’s greatest Tech-sheet, NTK (Need to Know)…

But can McCain break into the cache of delicious Kerry states and scrump one while Obama is out hunting for Bush states? Maaaaaaaybe. That’s certainly what he’s been doing with Palin in the last few days. The best targets here are New Hampshire (4 votes), Michigan (a yummy 17), and Pennsylvania (21 votes). These are the states that currently lean most Republican out of the Kerry states.

The full guide to the college vote from O’Brien can be found here.